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Monday, December 31, 2007

There's a lot to be thankful For

Some days, I forget to look around and fail to see the joys that surround me. Most of the time, I have been so caught inside of me that I have deliberately received when I was expected to give.

As the year comes to a close, and I usher in the new one, let me highlight the things that have painted a smile on my face.. the things no matter how small or how big I am thankful that they have come my way..


... I was the official photographist (LOL) for the family's annual reunion.
... Pretty much in a hiatus from my barkada. I have decided to disappear and try to find myself. In the long run, I have found not just myself but someone else -- RED, whom I was able to call as my own.


... The team that I work with in the FIRM launched it's so called English Hour which was so optimistic with its goal of providing a venue for the team to practice the language.
... Photography started to take its toll on me as I started buying additional accessories for my SLR-like camera, the Canon S3 IS. Yes, I was starting to get hooked in an addiction that I never new would be one of the most exciting things that happened to me.




... Barkada hiatus that I have bestowed on myself pretty much ended when I decided to show up in one of their gigs over at The Room Upstairs
... Mozzie started playing in places around the metro and thus started by life as an official Mozzie Groupie.



... I got the chance to spend my Holy Week for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand together with some friends from my previous project engagement. Not only did we brought home some memories, one of my friends brought back an actual engagement for herself. :)


... The project that I was working for in the FIRM decided to organize a summer outing. With my trusty S3 IS becoming the official camera of the event. LOL.
... I met for the first time.. Her all hotness, Jill -- "Good stuff, huh!"
... I got introduced into the world of lomography through DPI's exhibit of LakbayLomo.


... First time in months that I got the chance to talk to RED after we broke up.
... I got my German loot bag from Cel, containing nothing less of what can be considered as wholesome.
... First movie night with Jill -- Shrek 3
... Met Ram whom I didn't know dated J some time ago. :D


... Met Ruby whom later became known as Pok or Poksie when paired with me.
... Rendezvoused with Pam over at the Ayala Museum as she finishes her race for the Nokia Soul of Manila event.




... Finally met Marge Francia from one of Mozzie's gig over at the room upstairs.
... Got introduced to Mark Parlade for the first time despite his constant attendance to Mozzie's gigs.

room 262

... I started learning French from the FIRM's language programs
... I set foot for the first time in Palawan

rain droplets


... Hangged out in Manila Pen with Pam, and everyone else as we started at her as she devoured one giant bowl of ice cream. :D
... Got into a real date for the first time after my break up with RED.
... I got the chance to see after a long time, some friends from theatre in a house warming party where two of 'em tried hatching plans in joining PBB.
... Mozzie trots around the metro for gigs, with of course the groupies.
... I met and saw for the first time Francis play who was Mozzie's sessionist but soon became their new guitarist.
... I got Simpsonized.



... I conquered my first mountain -- Mount Pinatubo

Photo courtesy of Ruby

... Got officially introduced to the world of lomo through Crap Shoot
... I officially got christened as gipsterph when I joined LomoManila.

Photo courtesy of Fifi

Photo courtesy of Rollie

... Went on my first lomo trip in Tagaytay.

Photo courtesy of Jill

... My team decided to go on it's most anticipated team building -- Enchanted Kingdom. Huh?!


... I bought my first DSLR -- Nikon D40x, which i sooo love right now.
... A lomo trip to China Town with Chrie, Fifi, Francis and Anna
... Planned not to plan anything for my birthday but instead got a surprise from my lomomanila family.


... Took part of LomoManila's Shoot From the Hip


... Went on a lomo trip with some friends in Intramuros
... Watched the UAAP Cheerdance competition in a box seat with Jason
... Tagged along Mozzie as they graced the opening of Porch (previously Motorsports Alley)
... Pam, Jason and I played as celebrity stalkers as we raided A.S.A.P. to accompany Tita Tess, Fifi and Chrie's mom, fulfill her dreams of meeting Piolo.


... Went on a lomo trip with LomoManila in Tanay, Rizal


... Celebrated Jason's Birthday
... I set foot for the first time in the paradise island of Boracay.

speed out

... Groupies supported Mozzie while they played for Tobleron's Thank You Day


... We surprised and celebrated Pammy's Birthday

holda_pam_party_2 (4)

... Jill, Pam, Fifi and I started shooting for our CimenaLomo Project
... The project I was working with in the FIRM decided to hold a Halloween activity for the kids.




... Celebrated Rollie's Birthday
... Lomo shoot in UST campus with Pam, Jill and Francis
... Shaved my head for the first time.. ever!

Photo courtesy of Chrie

... LomoLove Too opening in Black Soup, Cubao-X

Photo courtesy of Jonas

... Took Part in Rock Ed's Sunday Silence at sunset


... CinemaLomo 2007 launches with EXPIRED as one of its entries.
... Mozzie's EP Launch over at Xymaca


... Lomo Palooza at Cubao-X


... Supported Gab in Parokya ni Edgar's album launch


... Got stationed at the Cubao MRT Station for Rock the Riles '07


... Supported LomoManila's Rock the Riles Exhibit


... Mozzie's Thank You Day Dinner

Photo courtesy of Chrie

... My project's Christmas Party
... Christmas dinner with old project mates


... Mitch's Shower
... LomoManila's Year Ender Party


... Surprised and Celebrated Fifi's Birthday


This year started slow. But it turned out to be one hell of a ride towards the end. My schedule may have been a little screwed up. But it was all worth the sleepless nights and the time-haggling I had in the office. It was one wonderful year that has come to pass. I do wish and pray that the next will be more than, if not the same like that of 2007.

I got fat. I got thin. I got stressed. I relaxed. I laughed. I cried. I walked. I ran. I flew. I lost some people. I met some new ones. I loved. I broke. I stood up.

Man, I'd do everything all over again.
Cheers to the life I had in 2007!!

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