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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

One Shot at a Time

I have always thought of trying my hands on photography. I have tried doing this since I started owning my first digital camera waaaay back in 2003. If I remember it correctly, it was a Casio Exilim S3.

Since I got that cam, I tried teaching myself some basic concepts of photography. But since it's a point and shoot camera, I wasn't really able to shoot more creative shots. But still, the camera was able to produce a couple of good pictures. I kept on shooting when I finally grew out of my camera and thought that it's way too basic for me.

I've always wanted to grab those prosumer cameras with all the lenses, filters and all. But looking at the price tag of these equipment, it's not worth it if an ultra novice like me would use it. I don't think I would be to able to use the camera to the extent of its capabilities with so little knowledge that I have in photography.

So I got myself a cam which I think is more suited for me, the Canon S3.


The cam was flexible to be a point and shoot one as well as a function as a prosumer-like cam. I think it's just good enough to teach me the additional things I need to know. Now, I can will more pictures to put in my online photo gallery! yay!!


With the desire of starting to be serious about photography, I thought that I should upgrade my camera little by little. I started browsing for the optional accessories my camera can have.

I had my eye on the telephoto lens for my cam. It's pretty much obvious that I don't know anything with cams because all the while I thought that the lens will attach to my cam in just a snap. To my surprise, I need to purchase a lens adapter before I could do fit the lens right in.

So I headed off to the nearest photo store and bought the LAH-DC20 Lens adaptor. I got it for Php 2300 in Digital Exchange in Glorietta.


Last Saturday when I bought the lens adapter, there was a photography event in Glorietta. The next thing I know, I was among the crowed, trying to blend in and trying to look at the high-end equipment some people have. Sooner than I think, I found myself buying a 58mm Sigma UV filter for the cam. Yeah, I'm a such a compulsive buyer!

When assembled, my cam would look like what photogrammer has:


I was trying to find the teleconverter lens I wanted. To my dismay, there's none available in Glorietta but in Mall of Asia. When I got to the shop in the Mall of Asia, I found out that the lens costed around Php 7200.

So yeah, my dreams for a telephoto lens will have to wait for the meantime while I try to save up for that. Hopefully, I would get the lens sooner that I have expected.



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