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Monday, February 5, 2007

The English Hour

Out of some obscure reason, a teammate of mine has rolled out, with the approval of the teamlead, an English Hour (or hours for that matter) campaign. This is in the effort of encouraging people, specifially our team, to talk and practice speaking in English.

It has been agreed upon that in the afternoons of every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the team will be required to speak in English within the premises of the team bay and all official team functions. Anyone caught speaking in Filipino will be fined Php 1 per word. But of course, there will be days when one's tongue won't cooperate with the campaign and for this reason, there's UnlimiTag. Unlimitag entitles you to speak in Filipino in the entire duration of the English hour for the day for the price of Php 50.

Initially the campaign sounded promising and professional. But with the UnlimiTag privilege up for grabs, it sounds more like of a money making scheme now. Hehe..


The campaign was launched last Friday and to my surprise, I didn't realize the campaign was set to start this Monday afternoon. I'm not really a good speaker. Some say I sound American, but I realy don't. I think they just need to clean their ears more. Hehe.

I was excited hearing the entire team speak in English in our team bay albeit the sea of Filipino-speaking teams that surround us.

I thought it was exciting.
And yes it was.

When the clock struck 2:00pm, our normally noisy teambay quieted down. I think everyone was like me waiting and anticipating for the first person to speak in English. 10 minutes passed and not a single word was spoken. 20, 30, 40 minutes! Oh gawd, no one really spoke a word! I thought it was an English speaking campaign?!

Eventually a the team was forced to speak in English since we had a team function later that afternoon.

It's hard to say if the campaign was successful in its first implementation. Given that no one really spoke and that we were only able to collect Php 7. It's not much, but it's a good start. =)


This was a (approximate) conversation between my team lead and the team manager through AOL IM:

team manager: (sitting far from the team bay) pwede tayo magmeeting?
teamlead: sure. where?
team manager: dyan na lang sa team bay
teamlead: sure. no problem
team manager: may iba. bakit nag-eenglish ka?
teamlead: coz we have the english hour campaign in place from 2-5
team manager: a talaga? mamaya na lang tayo magmeeting.



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