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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

10 Minutes of Bliss

For some odd reason, I decided to log myself into YM through meebo during office hours. But since I don't really get to talk to people in YM in the office, I don't really check my meebo window that often.

As the day was about to end, I got a message from RED. I would admit it brought me to a state I couldn't explain. RED began with all the formalities of starting a conversation. Until it lead to the question.. "Can I call you?"

Even before the war in my head for a decision was through, I saw myself punching in my office number in the chat window. For the first time in months, I heard RED's bubbly voice. Our conversation lasted for a good 10 minutes or so if not being interrupted by another phone call for RED.

When I heard RED's "Hello", I felt this tinge as if all the cells in my body we're excited with what we (my cells and I) were hearing on the other line. Despite my excitement, I tried restraining myself. I was trying to be careful with what I say. I don't want to abrupty end the conversation with my foolishness or maybe stupidity.

Despite all the caution I did, I still found myself being held up by some of RED's questions. No matter how much I have prepared myself for it, I ended up being cornered with all but "NO COMMENT" as an answer. It was a lousy response but that's all I have left in my arsenal to keep myself from self humilation.

That phone conversation definitely made my day.
I may not be in heaven but I was happy.

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