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Monday, July 23, 2007

Keeping it Warm

Two Saturdays ago, my sober nights gave me the chance to meet up some friends from theatre. I don't really get to see them very often and last Saturday was one of those chances I wouldn't be passing on.

The twins, Kate and Kinah, who used to live in Alabang, got a place in Makati. Although they really haven't fully decorated the place, I think the two have already settled. Now, it was time a house warming party. :D

giff & kate
Me with Kate when I arrived at 11pm.

Benjie and GA taking advantage of the cam
and the beautiful paint the twins have on
their dining room.

Buster, whom we called Booster and thought
was gay 'coz he kept on humping me, Benjie's
and GA's foot.

The twins tried inviting as much people from our theatre group but only a handful of guests arrived. But it was still fun. 

giff & bea
A shot with Bea while she's only a bit tipsy.

Every one got a tour of the house's second floor where the twin's room are. Kate's room was small and cozy and Kina's room was erm.. huge. I really don't understand how Kina got her's. Maybe because she's a couple of minutes older than Kate! Well, what the heck, it's their house. Hehe.. While every one smoked their fill of cigarettes over at Kina's veranda, I was left erm.. taking more pics not to mention getting my fill of gossip from GA.

A beautiful piece at the Kina's veranda.

We moved the party back to the living room (and dinning room) where people started goofin' off in front of the cam. No thanks to alcohol that was starting to take it's effect on us.

bea & ga
Bea cuddling the (now) chubby GA.

benjie and bea, organize
Bea and Benjie get's all OC arranging the bags.

gsl, giff and bea
(L-R) Giselle, sober. Me, tipsy. Bea, Drunk.

It became pretty much interesting when Bea and Kinah got into this heated debate about erm... MEATBALLS! Yeap, meatballs, gawd!

heated discussion 1
"Can you like at least just let those people
who want meatballs cook the meatballs

It was so intense that only GA's loud-as-a-sonic-boom snore could stop them..

ga sleepy
"What?! It wasn't me."

 I maybe sober with Mozzie, but I don't think not with alcohol. This is bad.

Yeah, right! :D

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