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Friday, July 20, 2007

Penn Me a Night

I was supposed to meet up with Pam, Fifi, Chrie, Jill and Jason for a sober Friday night. But because of some work at the FIRM, I was held hostage for a few hours beyond the agreed meeting time. Obviously, I arrived late.

The gang was eating dinner over at Isshin hear Dusit Hotel. Even though I am so anxious to order food, I passed on the opportunity to do so because all of 'em were done eating. I don't want them to wait for me while I eat. Besides, I'm so not comfortable being watched at while eating a full meal.

The gang soon decided to grab a few sips of coffee over at our favorite Starbucks branch in Makati -- 6750. Since it was a Friday night and as expected it was full of people. This brought us in considering the option of having coffee, fine.. desserts, over at Manila Penn.

penn ceiling

penn table

It was an over kill, but yeah.. we used to do desserts over at the Penn way back when Starbucks 6750 was under renovation. Pa-minsan-minsan lang naman. :)I tried having dinner (ang mahal ha! duh, hotel!) at The Lobby while the others ordered their fill of desserts. Jason got a vanilla milkshake. Fifi got some cake and coffee. Chri had her erm.. tea? I dunno. I forgot. While Pam.. Pam ordered the biggest dessert I've seen so far. It was a 16 ice cream scoop dessert layered with fruits and topped with marshmallows with two scoops of sherbet and a chocolate violin on top with wafer sticks sticking on the side.

mega dessert

Well, Pam didn't finish everything by herself. She needed our help to suck all those in. We had fun eating what she ordered. But I had fun looking how delighted she was upon seeing the dessert we were going to enjoy. :D

happy pam with dessert



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