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Friday, August 31, 2007

Uh Yeah, team building..

Last Saturday, my team's 9-month long team building preparation has finally materialized. One wouldn't consider this as a team building anymore, but a team event. We didn't get to hire an event's planner since we didn't really have a budget for that. Though that the case maybe, everyone was very much excited. Who wouldn't be so excited about something that has been planned up to it's single detail?

enchanted kingdom facade
Destination: Enchanted Kingdom. PFFFT!

I was very excited for my day in EK.

A 9-month long preparation and with almost 3-4 months worth of team building budget is all but a day in Enchanted Kingdom. That's like a thousand and one ways to enjoy in the park, if you haven't been there since it's opening way back a couple dozen of years ago.

Everything looked pretty much the same after a decade or so. The grand carrousel greets visitors upon their entry. The benches are still located where they are 2 or three years ago since my last visit. The big big big Ferris Wheel still stands tall despite the numerous typhoons that has come our way. Nothing really changed. Nothing really new.

I thought the idea of being in the park for a team building is all what I'll have for the day. That thought was already enough for me to worry all day. I didn't really need any consolation for my day's fate. But it seemed the weather felt my disappointment and decided to sympathize with me.

That's it. It was a perfect team building. :X

The overcast sky grew darker by the minute.

Despite what was about the come our way,
they planned how they'd conquer EK.

My teamlead is a big fan of bump cars. She has this thing for getting in front of the wheel to drive and bump people. That being said, that was our first stop. Still, the bump cars failed to raise my excitement level. Add to that the rain that started pouring while we were having our ride. I can just imagine how icky we'd all feel after the rain.

So as not to waste our time in the park, we thought of trying out the covered attractions. Next stop, Rialto. Compared to the other attractions, Rialto offered something new. A new movie to rock your seats with. My teammates got a little adventurous by not wearing seatbelts during the film showing. My teammate was telling us about someone who fell from his seat in Rialto because he didn't have his seatbelt on. We thought that we try out what this guy did and try to figure out if either of us would fall off from his seat. Well, no one fell. Boooo. Just like before, the theatre's rocking chair just made me dizzy.

We all thought that the time we have spent queuing up and in the rides will make the rain stop. To our dismay, it just kept on raining. Getting from one attraction to another required us to walk under the rain. Good thing though, I was the only one who has a camera and I got the privilege of using the sole umbrella the team has. :D

Since everyone started getting wet, they decided to get well all the way by trying out one of the "wet" attractions -- Log Jam. I wasn't in the mood to get wet. Again, thanks to my camera, I got an excuse not to get wet!

I decided to watch the rain moisten the grounds
of the park.

I thought a doze of my favorite snack will cheer
me up. But it didn't.

Everyone pretty much got wet. Since it was still raining and most of the rides stopped operation, we didn't have any choice to stay put and wait for our other teammates before trying out the other rides in the park. When they all came, it was Ferris Wheel time.

Wala pa ring excitement.

My excitement was overflowing.

I thought I just drop by some experts.
Maybe they can give me some tips.

It wasn't until a couple of my teammates invited me to join them in trying out the Go Kart track and the ATV course. At first, I thought it was just going to be the three of us. The next thing I knew, everyone was on their feet to try out what the three of us had in mind.

Good thing though, the park has an ongoing promo that covers the two attractions. Normally, each attraction would cost around 200 per ride. For the price of Php 300, one can have a ride on both attractions.

We geared up as we discussed the rules of our race.

Even my manager was excited to try out the ride.

I sped off the moment I sat in the kart.

The attraction-combo pretty much made my day. Well ok, the Go-Kart pretty much made my day. Nothing else really mattered to me but the Go-Karts. My thirst for speed was all that needed pacifying for me to have fun..

We pretty got off the attraction-combo by night fall. And everybody was pretty much famished from all the chasing we had over at the Go-Kart track and the bumpy ATV trail. People were planning of heading to Tagaytay for dinner. One said that it would be nice to eat in a restaurant over looking Taal Volcano. In my head, I was thinking.. Um.. Gabi na, wala namang makikita sa Taal. Unless they have installed lighting fixtures to light up Taal. LOL. We ended up eating at the restaurant / cafeteria inside EK.

Almost everyone got pretty much the same food:
Chicken + Java Rice + 1 Side Dish

Dinner at the cafeteria pretty much capped our night. A quick look at the fireworks and we decided to call it a night.

The team. Well, those who were left.

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