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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Checking In

The time that I have spent in my current project flew by so fast without telling me that it has been two years since this all began.

Two years ago, I sat on a plane with 3 of my colleagues embarking in an adventure in Canada. Our city of destination didn't generate that much of a buzz and some of the people that were familiar with the place even called our destination, Mississauga, as Missi-suck-a or Missery-saga. I'm not sure if I can blame them. I don't have enough information to side or go against them.

But who cares? I'm was in Canada. And the opportunities to explore were waiting for me to grab.


Fast forward two years, I am on my to the airport to embark on a new adventure in Canada in the same accomodating city of Mississauga. My colleague and I couldn't be excited more than anyone. I for one is excited in doing the things I wasn't able to do before.

Unlike my first trip to Canada, my flight itinerary this time would be quite tiring and pretty long. I would be taking the Manila-Hongkong-Vancouver-Toronto route. Based on computation, It would more likely a 24hour trip with 18-19 hours in the air.


I'm currently here in Hong Kong, enjoying the view, enjoying the beautiful airport this country has built for itself. Sayang walang ganito sa 'Pinas!

A couple of hours ago, I got passed Philippine Immigration and dang! I think that was the most nerve-wrecking experience I had with an Immigration Officer in Manila since I started travelling abroad.

When I approached the Immigration Officer, I bubbly greeted her "Good Morning!" She just looked at me and made a faint sound trying to acknowledge my greeting. I handed over my passport and waited for her to process it and request for the documents she would need. Then she blurted out, "Oh ito lang?! Nasan na ibang documents?!"

I asked politely, what documents she was looking for. I didn't want to hand her over every single paper work I have since she has not asked for anything specific. She answered my question by bitching out, "San ka ba nagtatrabaho?! Patunayan mo nga! Pakita mo lahat ng documents mo. Akin na."

At 5:30 am in the morning, she was cranky, bitchy and sounding as if she's going through menopause #3. I held myself back and thought that if I bitched back, I know I wounldn't be allowed to pass. So I smiled and handed her everything I have, which in my best judgement I think she needs.

Well, at least that's over now. I'm out. The next thing I would need to worry about would be Canadian Immigration. I still have 12hours to relax before worrying about it.


That 12hour flight felt like forever if you're sitting on a chair that returns to the upright position (by itself) a few hours/minutes after reclining it. Bad trip! No wonder I keep on sleeping reclined and then finding myself sitting upright again in a couple of hours! GRRRR!

Just got passed Canadian Immigration and that was the most relexed time I had with an Immigration Officier. The officer was quite nice and even made the encounter a little more comfortable for me.

He kept on asking things about Manila. He asked about the weather, the food, the sceneray, you know, stuff. At first it was all but a one-question-one-answer conversation which eventually led to a lot of suff when he started talking about his Filpino friends. It even came to a point that I learned he loves pancit! Dapat nagbaon ako! LOL

2hours kill before flying to Toronto. 2hours to relax before stressing out in that cramped space in the plane again.


It's 12:20am here, Sunday, Canada Time. We have just checked into our hotel and all I can think about is lie on my bed and get a really good rest from the freaking long trip. Hell to I care about unpacking! I want my rest. Hopefully jetlag doesn't haunt me as much as it haunted me the last time around.

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