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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Over the years, I have constantly struggled getting myself into the zone of being described as "of medium built". I was so getting tired of being described as um.. thin. Believe it or not, I graduated college with all but less than 100 lbs to lug around the metro.

For majority of my existence, my body has decided to keep and maintain itself at 100. But as age got hold of me, my body gave in and started cooperating in my long time dream of gaining weight.

From 100 lbs, I am roughly at 135 lbs these days. My friends will argue and object that I weigh heavier than that but I am not listening. The weighing scale says I'm roughly at 135. So yeah, that's what I'm believing!! :)

The weight gain was good for some time until my bulging belly raised the alarm and caused Jason to react. He mentioned that it's a little disturbing already. Thus, the birth of being called "pudgy" came into play -- no thanks to Pam. Pam's description didn't alarm me. The belly did.

So, playing as my personal nutritionist, Jason decided to help me out and get into a program to reduce my belly size. He introduced me to his No-Rice Diet program that he was following. I never believed in diets until I tried his suggestion. So I got into the diet and in just a short while, I shed some of those pounds.

Unfortunately though, just after 10-12 days into the diet, I got sick. So I had to drop the diet and get my health back on track. I think my body went into a shock and retaliated on me. In just a few days or so, I'm back to where I started. Back to 135 something pounds.

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