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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Flower Power

The Christmas Holidays meant that our family would head out to my grandmother's house for a vacation where we would catch the Christmas Eve Mass together with all my aunts and uncles. After which, we open up all the gifts sitting by the Christmas tree which is momentarily interrupted by a call for Noche Buena.

Over the years, me and my family got tired lazy of all these. We have opted to just visit my grandparents on Christmas Day instead of our usual plans. Before, opening the gifts I receive from my aunts and uncles paint a pretty big smile on my face. This year, it was pretty different. My grandmother's garden pretty much made my Christmas when I started seeing the flowers that she has been taking care of.

And when there are flowers.. There'd always be a busy bee..

flower 01flower 06

flower 02

flower 03

flower 04

flower 05

.. taking pictures and admiring their beauty.

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