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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Brave Welcome for 2008

God knows how much my nose hates the dust and the smoke that fireworks produce. Most often than not, I end up bed-ridden on the first day of the year with all but a facial tissue and some allergy medicine as my company while my family attends our annual reunion. This is one reason why I don't enjoy New Year's eve celebrations at home. Or maybe during the ushering of New Year..

This year, I braved up all the dust and the smoke to get a chance to take some pictures of wonderful fireworks display that most of your neighbors show off to each other.. :D

Well, I really tried my best to take some good pictures. But I was too shaky and too careful not to get my nose really irritated. I managed to take some shots. But they're shots that I think would need a lot of work and practice.

But what the heck, I at least I tried! :D

My mom and dat started lighting up LUSISes at 11:45

Dad pretty much got tired holding his lusis
and started playing with it.

A few minutes more, boredom kicked in and
he started lighting up his firecrackers

Roman candles held by my sister shoot high up in air

At the strike of midnight, the sky lit up with fireworks..

...and more of em.

..and some more.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!!

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