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Saturday, November 10, 2007

DLSU List Daw

I got this from Mara, a fellow lasalista lasallian..  

(x) get caught by the DO
(x) wear inappropriate attire
(x) watch a UAAP La Salle vs Ateneo game live in Araneta Colosseum
(x) eat at AGNO
(x) smoked at AGNO
(x) hangout at a friend's condo
(x) sing the alma mater song
(  ) swim at the olympic size swimmingpool
(  ) have class in all the buildings
(x) use the football field

(x) hang out in ampitheater
(x) watch something during the u-breakin the ampitheater
(x) cross-enroll
(  ) be a 1st honors dean's lister
(x) be a 2nd honors dean's lister

(x) get a 4.0
(x) eat in McDonalds
(x) eat in UM
(x) eat somewhere outside near the campus
(x) borrow/reserve something in the IMS

(x) get a major or minor offense
(x) go out with 5 or more blockmates during freshmen year
(x) walk around the campus with 4 or more blockmates after freshmen
(x) cut a class together with blockmates
(  ) beg for a higher grade during course card distribution

(x) EAF adjustment
(x) be active in an organization
(x) be stereotyped by others according to your college
(x) get an alarm sound when you scan your id
(x) talk to your LAMB aside from LPEP

(  ) be deceived by the false names of professors in the on-line enrollment
(x) pay surcharge
(x) go to the chapel
(x) hear mass
(  ) visit the museum

(x) know a xerox lady
(x) sleep in the library
(  ) get to know mang jack
(x) got/given something to someone during the valentines week

(x) have a class after 6:00 pm
(x) talk about someone passing by while on a bench in SJ walk
(x) study in conservatory
(x) print somewhere near outside the campus
(x) type somewhere near outside the campus

(x) cram
(x) do a last minute paper
(  ) date a lasallian
(x) have a crush on your blockmate
(x) have a crush on your classmate

(x) have a crush on your professor
(  ) attend a seminar outside La Salle
(  ) talk to a lasallian celebrity
(x) sleep in a class
( ) have/had a lasallian boyfriend

(x) be in a conflict with a professor
(x) witness pda inside the campus
(x) use a computer in the computer laboratories
(x) be drunk somewhere near outside the campus
(x) forget your ID at home

(x) get exempted from finals
(x) stay at school till 10:00 or later
(x) actually read a whole article in the school's paper, The Lasallian
(x) took time to look at the 'Proudly Lasallian' stands in the campus
(x) thought that yuchengco restrooms are the best restrooms

(x) shifted / planned to shift
(  ) read a whole book borrowed at the library
(x) eat inside the classroom
(x) get a text or call with your cellphone not in silent mode during class
(x) spend money for 1X1 ID pictures

(x) break something in the laboratory
(  ) ask the library for an endorsement
(x) entered the thesis room in the library
(  ) searched a professor in the DLSU website
(  ) park in the beach

(x) eat siomai
(x) tasked to photocopy for a bunch of people
(x) enter a job fair in campus
(x) buy a raffle ticket, donate something, sign a signature campaign inside the campus
(x) sell raffle tickets, ask for donations, made people sign signaturecampaigns inside the campus

(x) watch something at night in the yuchengco theater
(x) make a video for a class project- i was the poster maker and script writer. yebah.
(x) make a powerpoint presentation
(x) give a very low evaluation to a professor
(x) eat inside the java cafe

(x) be pissed with a guard
(x) go to the clinic
(x) nearly reached / reached excess absences
(  ) pick a popular professor for a subject
(  ) be the one to make the 'mass overload sound' in an elevator

(x) buy something in the bookstore
(  ) lose your cellphone



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