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Monday, July 23, 2007


Friday proved to be one lazy day for me as I spent the entire day at home. That all changed when I got an invite from Pam to catch the advance screening of The Simpsons, the Movie.

ticket outside

The movie isn't really that much of a big thing for me compared to Transformers, but the Simpsons was a part of my childhood. Seeing the longest running cartoon series on TV makes its movie debut is a chance I won't miss given the chance to see it. But like I said, I wasn't that ecstatic to see it.

ticket inside

It just brings back memories of me seeing the Simpsons air on RPN9 at around 8 or 9pm. I remember, I was even doing my shop projects in front of the TV so as not to miss out a single episode. It's a little nostalgic seeing how all the characters have stayed ageless -- Bart, still supporting that um.. spiky hair. Lisa is still this studious girl, Marge still has the tower of Piza hair-do, Homer.. um. yeah, Homer. Come to think of it, it's only Maggie who has grown.. She can now walk long distances, and yes, she gets to speak a word. YAY! Well, that took like 10 years for the producers to think about. LOL.

Now that I am old busy enough to keep myself from catching an episode, the series just continues to go on and on delighting some other kids. Well, the movie just delighted me that I found out in downloadsquad that I can try creating my own Simpsons avatar.


Ok, I tried. I just don't think it was an exact resemblance of me. Kasi naman yung Simpsonizer site eh down. When it gets back up, I wonder how'd they'd depict me. I wonder how'd they depict my friends! :D



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