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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Beach-y Affair

A couple of months back, I hatched a plan to go visit once and for all the paradise island of Boracay. I think almost everyone I know has already gone to the island except for me. I can just remember how J reacted one time when he was being offered by Pam for an assignment in Boracay. J said, "Boracay na naman?!" Thoughts in my head would go something like, "Pfft! Ako nga, hindi pa nakakapunta.."

Since the island's inception or perhaps it's rise to popularity, this is the first time that I will be setting foot on it. You can just imagine how my expectations started building up in my head -- picturesque views, beautiful people, powdery sand, clear waters, etc.

The night before the trip, after packing my clothes, and all other essentials items, I made sure I had enough space in my bag to accommodate the cameras that I was planning to bring. I want to make sure that I have all the necessary means to make this "first time" of mine memorable. If not for the photographers / lomographers that I have met, I would think that packing three cameras in my bag for a trip is insane. But that's not the case right now. For this trip I brought along my D40x, my Holga and the Jill's Vivitar (whom I received specific "care" instructions for).

For this trip, it was Cebu Pacific's fly me to the island. Well, to Kalibo to be exact since Cebu Pacific offered cheaper fares compared to that of the other airlines which land in Katiklan in an airport 1.5 hours away from Kalibo. I was scheduled to fly Sunday at 3:15pm. But due to some unforeseen events, Cebu Pacific had to cancel the 3:15pm flight and re-schedule it for 5:30am the following day. It was a day late for the beach but come to think of it, there isn't much to see in the beach when I fly at 3:15pm and arrive in Boracay at around 6pm.

Sooner than I expected, I was at the Manila Domestic Airport lining up to board the plane bound for Kalibo, Aklan. I was half-awake when I boarded the plan, but the warming sun greeted and started pushing me to get a camera a take a shot:

Sunrise as seen on air.

An hour later, I was on the road enroute to the Katiklan sea port. An hour and a half drive coupled with a 15-minute boat ride, I set foot for the first time in Boracay.

Boracay Island, early morning.

As soon got settled in.. I was on my swimming shorts armed with my camera heading out to the beach ready to shoot and capture as much of the island's beauty as well as having fun at the same time.

paradise island #2

grotto #2

Nothing really interesting happened in the morning. I started getting frustrated and distracted (over lunch) that I should be able to take great pictures before heading back home. I tried shrugging it off and enjoyed my lunch. After lunch, a couple of interesting things showed up..

footprint in the sand
Lone foot print in the sand.

out in the water
A girl watching after her family's slippers
while I take a picture of 'em.

A girl exercising or maybe showing off to
her buffed Japanese boyfriend watching from afar.

dogs can have a swim too
A dog taking a swim.

building my castle
A kid mastering the technique in building the
sand castle of his dreams.

Even before the weather started changing it's mood, I decided to put down my camera and take a dip in the water. It sure was hot. Really hot. I started feeling all sticky from all the sun-block that I have applied earlier. The clear, cool water of the sea was more than enough to relax and cool my sweating, sticky, hot skin.

I enjoyed the water so much that I lost track of time. The last time I checked, the sun was high up in the sky giving off that hard afternoon light. The next thing I knew, subdued sunlight started coloring the island. It brought about additional life to the island's paradise scenery.

A boat anchored by the shore.

Dogs and its' owner playing catch.

by the beach at sunset
Relaxing view from where I was sitting.

sunset by the beach
Late afternoon sun started drawing
beautiful silhouettes.

sunset #2
Sailboats paraded the horizon despite the sun's
desire to wrap up the day.

sunset #1
My first day in Boracay comes to a close.

It sure was a fun (first) day in Boracay. It could have been a lot more exciting and fun if it was enjoyed with a bunch of friends. Nonetheless, some time alone in an island as beautiful as this isn't too bad at all.

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October 22, 2007 at 4:24 PM

Anonymous Jen said...

You went to Boracay alone?

Nice pictures.

Btw, hindi pa ako nakatungtong ng Boracay. I doubt that I ever will.


October 23, 2007 at 11:45 AM

Blogger gipster said...

huuuuuuuuy! jennifer, you're alive! hehehe.. i've heard na sa manila ka na work by nov?! YAY!! hehehe..

Anyway, I didn't go to boracay alone. I was with a friend. But since we went our separate ways during the trip (where I barely see any logic in it, nagsama pa kami diba?), it felt like I went to Boracay alone.

Lamo.. We should go there. Madali na magplano since nasa Manila ka na by Nov. Let's go have an escapade again like what we did in Bohol a couple of years back. =) I'm sure papayag nyan si Manlyn. LOL. =D


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