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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Beach-y Affair -- Part II

Two days after I have arrived from the beach, I still haven't unpacked my (clean) clothes from my bag. Two days after I have arrived, I was still found wearing walking shorts whenever I go outside of the house (which I don't normally do). I guess I was still on vacation mode. I guess I was waiting for something to happen -- a closure.

Two days of waiting. Two days of wondering and wandering. Two days of anticipation.. Two days of all of these when it finally came to a halt the moment I got what I have been waiting for -- the pictures of my affair on with the beach.

Compared to the instant gratification of the pictures brought about by a digital camera, I felt more excited and more attached to those that I took on film. Thankfully, they were too good (for me) to be ever considered disappointing..


I was only spending two days in the beach, since I have to fly back to Manila early morning on the third day. That's just about 2 days worth of sun I could use for taking pictures. Two days to manage taking pictures with three cameras and at the same time having fun.

My D40x took the spotlight on the first day. But on the second day, it was time for my lomo cams (Holga and Jill's Vivitar) to take the beating front seat.

My day started pretty late, around 9am. I was a little disappointed in the morning knowing that I missed the break of day on the beach. I was planning to capture it on cam. When I got up, I took out my Holga and loaded it up with one of the films from my dwindling film supply and took a walk on beach to catch the morning sun.

holga_bora_1 (1)
Another day begins in paradise

holga_bora_1 (2)
Just like the other day, the beached wasn't
packed with people.

holga_bora_1 (3)
It was particularly windy that day..

..perfect to try something that I haven't done before or maybe I wouldn't be doing if I didn't have the thirst for excitement.

I changed to my swim wear and brought myself to those people who usually handle the activity that I was eyeing on. I told them that I want to do it around 11am. But right after I paid them the whopping fee (which I think is a bit insane), they lead me to board van to drive me all the way from Station 1 to Station 2 where a boat was waiting for me.

The boat I was riding on sped off far from the island..

..where we rendezvoused with a bigger, faster boat.

While speeding off to the middle of the sea, the manongs in the boat gave me forms to fill out (I think it's a waiver) and started handling me out gears that I need to put on. It wasn't long enough when they instructed me to stand by the pole at the back of the boat, get a good grip on the rod position above my head. The next thing I know, it felt like I wasn't moving anymore. My feet dangled and all I could see was water..

dangling feet
My feet dangled from the harness I was strapped on.

hanging by a thread
With a blink of an eye, I saw all but a thread
holding and anchoring me to the boat.

The boat dragged me forward..
a (super) chute held me up.

a view from the top
It was 15mins of hanging by a thread and
complete relaxation accompanied with a
spectacular view in front of you.

When I got back, I got some lunch and took a little rest from the ride. I felt queezy on the boat ride back. Nonetheless, my Php 2,500 was worth it. I had fun. Although I have heard that Puerto Galera offered parasailing for only Php 1000. Um, ok. I'm in Boracay. Rates aren't gonna be the same. After lunch, I took yet another walk in the beach before I deciding to go for a swim..

holga_bora_4 (2)
In the middle of all sea and all sand.

holga_bora_3 (4)
A bangka waiting for it's passengers.

Sailboats on parade.

holga_bora_3 (2)
Kaladkarin, Boracay style.

Beach beach beach..

..And more of it.

Time passed so quickly when you're in deep thought while at the same time enjoying the view and yourself. I didn't realize it was almost sunset again. I usually have a different sensation flowing through my body when the sunsets. At the same time, I remembered what my friend Jedd told me the other night. That is, to capture a different view of Boracay. I don't think I needed an expensive camera to do that. All I needed was my plastic camera.. :D

holga_bora_3 (1)
The grotto seen at sunset.

holga_bora_2 (10)
I went to the sea to be as close as possible
to the sailboats. Held my Holga up and took the shot.

holga_bora_2 (4)
A race to the sun.

I was satisfied with my shots. So I sat by the shore watching and feeling the waves gush through my feet (and the sand through my swim shorts) to just enjoy the last few hours (or minutes) of sun.. of the Boracay sun.

holga_bora_2 (5)
Sarap magbabad..

holga_bora_2 (2)
I wanted that pic of holding the sun in my fingers.
Pfft! More practice (using a Holga)! :D

Manila.. Back to reality.. Though it was all but some time alone, I had fun. Really, I did. Whoever said one can never have fun alone?

The sun jump starting the day at the port while it
 bids me goodbye and see you again!

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