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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Para Sa Iyo Ito

It was February 3, 2007. Sunday. We only have seen each other for three times for less than 24 hours. I remember vividly how the television’s glare lit up your dark room. We were on your bed. I was laying on my back staring at the ceiling, thinking. You were laying on your side with your head supported by your left hand while you were looking at me. I was laying there scouring my rusty memory trying to figure out the correct answer to your question..

          “Kapag nasagot mo tanong ko, ibig sabihin,
                             ikaw na talaga. Sige nga, kelan birthday ko?” 
                    “August 21?”

           “Hinde. Sige, isa pang try.”
                    “Umm.. August 10?”

           “Ano ba, August 7.”

Je jamias obtenu la droite de réponse.
Je pensai que je me se sourvins la date dorénavant.

Je ne rappelle pas des dates.
Je ne rappelle pas des conversations.
Je rapelle seulement des moments; en chaque détail de lui.

You’ve come a long way. No matter how clueless I am of it right now, I am pretty sure a lot of blessings has come your way –- I wish that you are continuously showered with them, non-stop. It would have been fun to celebrate your birthday with you, but for sure the people who love and care for you won’t fail making it a blast.

Vous passerez seulement votre vignts-sept ans une fois..
Appréciez et fairrez le chaque moment de dépassement compte..

je manque tout au sujet de vous. I wish I could be there with you.. 
     ..but I know I have to let you go.

joyeux 27ème anniversaire, RED!

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