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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Friends nga Kami

Cliché-ish as it may sound, friends do really tell something about yourself. At times, they give you an exact mirror image of yourself, of your reactions:

I write about getting distracted: "...I was trying to divide my attention between the great food and what LM was talking about..."

She reacts distracted as well:


cookiedoughjunkie: sabi ni jill si giff may date
cookiedoughjunkie: sabi ko saan
cookiedoughjunkie: so binasa ko
cookiedoughjunkie: sabay sabi ko
cookiedoughjunkie: awwww
cookiedoughjunkie: ay shet buffalo wings
gifaloo: lol
cookiedoughjunkie: nadistract ako
cookiedoughjunkie: LOL



Well yeah, we got distracted by the same thing: FOOD. :D



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