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Thursday, May 24, 2007

j'ai eu assez

I called in sick in the morning to cover up for the (yet again) time that I woke up -- 10:30am. Around 12 noon, I was on my feet preppin' up for work. It was a quarter past one when I was just about to leave, when I got a call from a friend. I thought it was going to be just like our usual conversation -- casual.

It was casual. It was so casual that the delivery of the news of his most recent breakup was nothing more like saying "I think I'll have a BigMac today."

The news sat right underneath my nose until it finally sank in. Gawd. A good 3 year relationship was over in just one snap. And I didn't even notice anything from him. Like I said, it was all too casual.

I would like to believe that he is too casual about it because he doesn't care about the relationship. But he's not like that. I think he is just trying to be strong and just get his life moving most especially these days now that he has several projects underway. I can never see myself in that kind of situation and then act soooo casual about it. Knowing me, I'd be one total wreck.

Which reminds me, I was a wreck a couple of months ago.
But now, I think I had enough of being a wreck.
Yeah.. moving on.



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