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Monday, January 12, 2009

How My Jaw Dropped on the Floor

I've been here for a week now (with 26 days left before packing my bags home), and my mind doesn't seem to have settled here yet. Looks like my mind didn't board with me on those planes heading here in Canada. And with the bad, bad desire to be in Manila in the soonest time possible, I tried keeping things Manila-esque close to me.

The closest thing authentically from Manila would be those that I read from publications in Manila. And the best stop for me would be the Philippine Daily Inquirer. And upon opening the lifestyle section, I think I wanna go kill someone. Go figure:

"CHRISTMAS Day. At the back of an SUV. My friends and I had decided to drive to Tagaytay for dinner. While our car braved through the traffic, my friends were laughing and shrieking about Jiff's exploits with someone who had a very inappropriate piercing. It was a fun conversation, one I would have otherwise joined; but I was too busy learning how to make takoyaki with Cooking Mama."
-- lifted from Super!

But then again, I love this gal a lot.
And I think I would go kill anyone who'd dare lay hands on her.

Okay, nagulat lang ako. :D
Moving on.

Margarita please..
Isang pitsel!

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