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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Flying Out (yet again) to Canada

DSC00186It's 5:30 am, I am sitting here at Gate 15 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport with David Archuleta accompanying me while waiting for my time to board for my plane heading out to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong will be my jump-off point before I go enter Canada through Vancouver. By the time I reach Vancouver which is like 16-18 hours from now, it's still a 2-hour wait accompanied by a 5-hour flight before I reach Toronto. God knows how long this route I am taking. And by the time that I hop into my third plane, my body's gonna be screaming for a SOFT BED!!!


DSC001878:30 am and I'm here at the Hong Kong International Airport, sitting right next to the transfer desk. I have been wanting to check into my next flight and get a decent breakfast before finally grabbing a quick snooze while waiting for my 12:40 pm plane. I wanna give my body some sense of rest before a 12-14hour beating of air travel. But the inavailability of the information of my next plane is holding me back at the moment. I guess it's a little to early for that.

The amount of how I dread this day and the sleep deprivation I have given myself (for a really worthwhile cause i thought was worthwhile , with the help of Ruby) has overpowered my sense of fashion (if I can consider myself as having one). Everything I am on right now goes together except my shoes and socks. Black (rubber) shoes with white socks. To me, it looks like a get up of a grade school boy again lost in the center of Hong Kong's vast international airport. Pfft!


19 hours after I left Manila, I find myself lounging here at the Vancouver International Airport waiting for the last leg of my travel to Toronto to start boarding. We landed on a gloomy morning here in Vancouver and just a couple of minutes after arriving, it started snowing covering the already snow-washed grounds of the airport with another centimeter or two. It sounded fun and interesting experiencing snow for the first time. But for the past weeks I have experienced this, I think I have grown indifferent to it. Maybe more like hating it with a passion. There's really not much I could do but loathe (yes, I loathe a lot in times like this) and suck it up, close my eyes and wish..

.. That I have a soft bed I could rest my back and head on
.. That the margarita I was drinking on the night before I left Manila didn't run out
.. That time could've stopped right before the date changed to January 3 or it could've jumped right away to February 7.

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