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Monday, December 29, 2008

A Beginning by the End

final_Sabio Nuptials_0182After a long, long, looooong haitus from I think almost everything (blame it on my out of the country work assignment) I like and love doing, I guess I am back. Today, 3 days short of the New Year, I've been privileged enough to go and get my hands dirty once again and take some of those momentous photographs in a couple's life. I don't pretend to be a master of this. Nor do I really go after what I juice out from it. I'm all just for the love of putting and immortalizing what I see into the confines of a 2D plane.

I'm pretty far away from what the masters do. All I can do is point, shoot, learn and shoot some more. Learning is fun when what you put your mind into is something you're really interested with. And with someone like the "master" taking the lead, working on-site wouldn't really feel and sound like work at all.

final_Sabio Nuptials_0005final_Sabio Nuptials_0309

final_Sabio Nuptials_0415

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