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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Don't Look Old Enough

God knows for how long me and my friends have been debating that I don't look my age. A number of people will agree and a number of people would say otherwise. I have a couple of experiences in my belt to prove that I myself could still pass as a college student. Moreover, I have several experiences that'll prove that I don't look like I'm of legal age.

I remember vividly when I was 21 that I was held by the doors of a cinema somewhere in Manila to be ID'd. The movie was R18 and seems like people from the movie house just don't believe that I was 21 during that time. Well, I think they just wanna make sure that I was 21. Being ID'd to be sure you're of legal age is one thing. But assuming you're something that are not is another story.

Last Sunday, together with a couple of friends, we found ourselves with nothing else to do at 7pm. We decided to just grab dinner and watch a movie to cap the night off. It's not your typical exciting movie since we ended up watching "High School Musical 3". I have nothing against the movie, it's just that at this age, I think movies like that should be left to the younger crowd.

DSC00177-finalOur night took a pretty funny turn when we queued up to buy tickets for the movie. Our friend Leia was the one who bought the tickets while Claire and I stood on the side computing how much we have to split amongst each other. Claire suddenly blurted out that it was Cdn$ 11.50. That confused me. A sign said that the Adults' Rate is more than that. We had a teeny wheeny debate and ended up laughing when Leia handed off our ticket.

We were sold STUDENT tickets! We thought.. Maybe they sold us STUDENT tickets coz it's High School Musical (which is weird)? Or maybe because the three of us don't look so old at all.. =)

That just proves (again) I could still pass a college student! LOL



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