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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am a Mac

It began 2 years ago when I started eyeing one of the hippest gadgets in town -- a Mac. Apple came a long way before it became hip and an eye candy. I think their effort and their wait was all worth it.

After two years of waiting, salivating, dreaming, wanting and itching to get my hand on a Mac that I can call my own, I finally got the change and resources to go out and buy myself one.

No word can express the amount of excitement I got when I entered the Apple Store over at Yorkdale Mall. The store was packed with people -- many of them we're sampling Apple's latest offerings while some bought themselves some stuff from the store. I even say a good number of newly released MacBooks flying out from the store.

At the back of my head, I knew I will be one of them in a couple of minutes. So I approached one of the sales assistants and expressed my intent to buy a laptop.

"Would you want to talk about it to learn if it has all that you need?"
"No, thank you. I think I already know it does."

That was a snobbish answer. LOL. In a few minutes, the sales associate came back to me, carrying the laptop and stood right next to a product display table. He pulled out a trusty device and started scanning the item and my credit card. In a matter of minutes, purchase was done without the hassle of queueing up in line. How cool was that?!


Every new gadget should always have a pretty good reveal. It shouldn't suppose to be a production number, but for me, it seemed like it was one.

I took home a small heavy box.

Pop the box's lid open and
the new Macbook Pro jumps right at you.

"Designed by Apple in California"
..for me!!! LOL

Everything I would need for my Mac.

Ladies & gentlmen.. Drum rolls please..

The New Macbook Pro..

The chicklet keys.. the wide glass trackpad..
The two-tone, slim design..

Gawd! I love the my new toy!

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October 27, 2008 at 2:51 PM

Blogger ohshootlomo said...

woot! yabang!



October 27, 2008 at 3:23 PM

Blogger gipster said...

hehehe.. thanks.. now i gotta sched a christening ceremony for this. lol. hahaha.. anong mayabang?!?!

well, you guys encouraged me. hehehe.. nalala ko tuloy.. "once you go mac.. there's no turning back!" lol


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