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Monday, March 24, 2008

Office Bloopers

This morning, I have a teammate (let's call her AL) who was talking to our teamlead over the phone. Seems like they were discussing what to do with the new resource that just joined our team today..

Team Lead: blah blah blah..
AL: OK na. Binigyan ko na sya nung checklist of items na gagawin niya.
Team Lead: blah blah blah..
AL: Teka.. Teka.. Ulit. Ulit. BLURRED ka.

Err.. She was talking on the phone.. Bakit blurred?!




I was in a conference call a couple of months back with AL. We were on the phone talking about a big project that both me and AL will be heading. Our counterpart just finished discussing the tasks to be accomplished. Towards the end of the conference call we were throwing questions and clarifications to our counterpart so as to be clear and be sure that we were on the right page. Towards the end of the call..

Counterpart: So, do you still have any questions?
Me: As for me, I don't have any other questions. All's good.
Me: How about you AL? Questions?
AL: Actually, I have one last question.
AL: (looooooong pause)
AL: Which I actually forgot just now.





Going back a little further, I was assigned to Canada with 3 other resources. And in these 3 resources, AL was one of them.. We were in Niagara Falls trying to take a group picture. Since there was no one who could hold the camera for us, we set it up to self-timer.

Resource 1: Oh dali na, pose na kayo dyan. Timer ko na lang to 10 seconds.
Resource 2, AL, and ME: (poses)
Resource 1: (presses the shutter button and runs to his position)
Resource 2: Ayan na!!

(camera beeeps.. 10.. 9.. ... 3.. 2.. 1..)

AL: Uy! Ulit!! Ulit! Nakapikit ako!!
Resource 1: Bakit natin uulitin? Eh nakashades ka naman?!?!



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March 26, 2008 at 4:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

winner yung last!!! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!


March 27, 2008 at 2:54 AM

Blogger gipster said...

hahaha.. i know. lol.
almost 2years na ng nangyari yun pero tawa pa rin kami ng tawa tuwing pagkukwentuhan namin yun. hahaha..


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