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Friday, March 21, 2008

A first: Pre-Nuptial Shoot

More than a week ago Jill invited me to accompany her in a pre-nuptial she's covering. And since the shoot was gonna be in Punta Fuego, I didn't think twice about tagging along.

I have never been to Punta Fuego and I have never been to a pre-nuptial shoot. You can just imagine how the excitement built up towards the day of the shoot.

In as much as I would like to shoot stuff for myself, I got myself busy assisting and shooting with Jill and Jason (Jill's second cam). I wasn't really supposed to shoot with them, so I just tried getting out of their way. Thus, I got shots of the couple usually with their backs on me or are either too far from me. Nonetheless, I was quite satisfied with my shots. Not bad for someone who was just tagging along.

Jill though scared of heights braved her fear for the shoot..

DSC_1120 copy
The masters shoot, I take notes from afar..

At some point in the shoot, we went to a place they call as the fuego point (I'm not sure). It was one of the rocky cliffs which was overlooking the sea. It was a bit cloudy which pretty much gave a good drama for some of the pics I took home with me.

The fuego point

A speed boat drives by fuego point

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