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Monday, February 4, 2008

How Hard Can Ironies Get?

It has been weeks since my friends have constantly asked pleaded me to join them in Boracay this coming Valentines. It was a perfect plan if not for the pending Vacation Leave I have filed two weeks ago. I never heard anything from it, thus I considered it denied.

Today, without making a follow-up on the status of my request, I have learned that my vacation leave has been granted. Imagine how my heart jumped knowing I could join Pam and the others in Boracay for 4 days in Nami, with a yacht ride in the agenda.

But there was a kicker.

Yesterday, despite my current condition (I had a running nose which never stopped err.. dripping with snot), I decided to tidy up my room. I then remembered to look for the good amount of money that I placed somewhere in my mess so that I could keep it properly.

To my dismay, I can't remember where I placed the friggin' money! It was 12 midnight and I had this urge to turn my room upside-down to look for that money!! But to no avail, I didn't find my money. I decided to sleep it off thinking I might remember where I placed it.

The sun went up and down.. still no freaking memory where I placed the money.

Now, I do have management's blessing to go on a vacation on Valentines. I just dunno how I am supposed to do that without any funds in my hands. Bummer.




bea: sayang giff!
bea: check your labada
bea: or maybe you used it na, and you just forgot
bea: was it cash?

giff: yes, it was cash.. hay.. 2 days na ako naghahanap

bea: you can also pray to St. Joseph
bea: when you lose things.
bea: maybe it might come up, or then, you just might remember where you put it.
bea: or used it.


Ok. Now, I gotta pray for lost money to come back.. :(

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February 6, 2008 at 5:47 AM

Blogger ika said...

totoo yon. si St. Joseph ang patron ng mga nawawlang gamit. madalas magdasal nanay ko sa kanya.


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