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Monday, February 18, 2008

Gallery: Up, Up and Away!

hot air balloon

Two weekends ago, me and some of my friends hatched a plan to head out north of Manila to have a Weekend of Everything that Flies in the 12th Hot Air Balloon Festival

For most of us, it was going to be our first hot air balloon festival. You can just imagine how excited we were to see those hot air balloons rise to the air. I have already planned the pictures in my head that I have yet to compose on site. I was d*mn excited..

Since we weren't staying somewhere close to Clark Field, Pampanga, we had to meet up really early (say about 3 am) and drive up before the balloons take off between 6-8 in the morning.

Luckily, we arrived on time. As a matter of fact we arrived and as Ruby coined it,  "madilim, malamig, at walang balloons."

Without sleep and armed with all but the last jolt of sugar rush from a nuggets meal we ate before we left, we watched the early morning sky get decorated for a few breath-taking minutes with balloons that we could only dream of touching and riding.

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