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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

F*ck Off!

Late this afternoon, I received an SMS from someone..

Huy, musta na?!

Out of good will and the desire to be nice everyone who remembers and bothers to key-in (or select) my number from their phonebook, I replied in an accommodating manner,

OK naman. Ito, tumataba. Ikaw, musta?

I thought it would have been enough to kick off a good conversation with this someone since it has been sometime since we have last talked. To my surprise, all I got was:

Ok lang din naman.

That bothered me. I thought I didn't make enough effort to be accomodating enough. So tried flexing some of my congeniality muscles and SMS'ed back,

"Good to hear that. Anong bago seio? Long time no talk ah!
Musta ang weekend mo? Ano ang sa atin at napatext ka bigla?"

To my dismay, my efforts of starting a conversation didn't really took flight. But instead I got a cold reply,

"Wala lang naman."

That tipped me off so I replied back,

"Um.. sorry ha. Naistorbo ata kita."

And wonder of wonders, I got a very accomodating response..


WHAT?! I was controlling myself not to text back just to convey my parting message.. F*CK OFF and get a life! Sheez!

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