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Sunday, January 20, 2008

If Only

t.. the rain hasn't decided to supply us with water enough to drink for a year
.. mud was never a combination of soil and water
.. mud never saw shoes as the hottest "must haves" in town
.. we were given the chance to eat lunch
.. boat rides never meant you and your equipment have to get wet
.. we didn't have to cross an overflowing river to get to the church and back
.. we didn't have to deal with some people who has a certain attitude
.. we were treated the way our job description stated was
.. we were treated like people and not just the guy/girl with a camera
.. instructions were given in a tone that doesn't suggest ignorance
.. requests were given out in a pleasant tone and not in a commanding one
.. I was less shaky when taking pictures
.. I was able to execute the simple instructions given to me correctly
.. I maximized the opportunities to shoot before I lost them
.. the bunk bed that was left for me to sleep on was not in between couples
.. the island where we left our bags in wasn't guarded by dogs twice my size
.. getting your stuff to head home didn't require braving a litter of dogs

then, I think, it would have been one of the first experiences that would surely make it's mark on 2008. Well, it did leave a mark. Too bad, it was just on the far side of the spectrum.

There are events we attend that usually leaves a mark in your life. You're lucky to be in one. What more to be in a position that helps define it. I have always thought of life-defining events as big (even though with a limited budget), picturesque and perfect in its own right. But of course that always depend in heaven's mercy.

Some would get traumatized with what I was on. But not me. Things like these happen. I fell in love with this craft and what transpired during the weekend hasn't even dented or made me question my interest in it.

So yeah, BRING IT ON!




Friend 2 (the driver): so you guys work together?
Friend 1 (the baptizer): not really. bininyagan ko lang siya..
Me: Yup! It was a baptism.. a baptism of fire and rain.. literally. :D




Hey you, the baptizer.. you know who you are. Thank you for the experience. It wasn't the best (I know you'd agree with me on that), but it was surely an adventure I did not leave empty handed. Honestly, I wouldn't have traded anything else for it. :D

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