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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Past 4 Weeks.. (sort of) in pictures

Since I have made changes to this blog, I told myself that I would update this blog as much as possible. The new feel and look of the blog just inspires me to update it just like a fifth grader so anxious to write on his new spiral notebook.

That happened for a while until I got really interested with lomography. It all began four weeks ago in a party where I was invited to, Lomomanila's CrapShoot Opening Party. I was just supposed to be there as Mozzie's groupie (since they were playing that night) but it turned out to be a baptism for me into lomomanila.

The Lomo Wall **

Rollie, Ruby, me and Chrie taking advantage
of the camwhores in us **

Outside mag:net with Jason, Ruby, Giles & Ram ***

Posing for Fifi's Girl-Power Driven Polariod Cam ***

Lomo people in front of the Exhibit's Lomowall ***

The following weekend, I got my first lomo trip invitation from the mother of all lomo (well, she's the one I coonsider as the mother of it all) -- Jill. It was one lazy Sunday and all I can think about were the different ways boredom could kill me. With all but one invitation from Jill.. Pam, Fifi, Chrie, Lele, Francis, Jason and I were on our way to Tagaytay, not for anything. What else? To take pictures.

holga - taal volcano
Taal Volcano as seen from a cliff.

holga - horse
A feeding horse.

We had dinner at a resto named Hawaiian Barbeque

The interiors were cozy.

And had a lot of mirrors for self-portraits.

holga - self-portrait
Self-portrait from the restroom.

A double exposure shot in my Canon S3 c/o Francis

The following week, even though Pam and a couple of Lomo people headed to CDO for some white water rafting, Chrie, Fifi and I didn't take being left behind sitting down. We thought of having a lomo trip ourselves to one of Manila's gems -- China Town.

Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila

Chinese goodies from a Chinese Store.

A fire truck clad in the sponsor's lucky color.

Mcdo, Binondo bears a Chinese name.

So did Starbucks Coffee. Too bad, glasses didn't
have the Chinese inscription.

"Welcome to Manila Chinatown"

Fifi and I took a stroll at the CCP Complex
while Pam unloads her CDO stories to Chrie.

Both of us tried taking a good picture
of the floating restuarant.

Pam couldn't have enough of the fountain.

Things started slowing down as my birthday week was ushered in by a ton of workload I had. I planned not to plan anything for my birthday. I just wanted to rest and make some time for myself. Apparently, that wasn't what my friends were thinking. Birthday was done. I almost fell off from the calendar, but what the heck! It was time for another lomoevent -- Shoot from the Hip, Lomo Bowl-O-Rama.

I arrived together with Fifi, Chrie and Ruby.

I played for the Blue Team -- Team HOLGA!

While Ruby played for the Green Team.

Chips was one of the big guys trying to score big
for the humble blue team.

Lomo Mother tried bowling on the side.

While Chrie and Marge wait for their turn to bowl.

Rollie was there.. But he didn't play.

Pam and Chrie having a "light-bulb" moment.

That tiring weekend raised up the flag on us to take a break and take a deep breath and receive a little wake up call from some of our corporate lives. A little work here. A little work there, it was the weekend and it was the time for us to roll once again. It was another trip to old historical Manila. We were supposed to have visit #2 to Binondo. But due to traffic conditions, we were forced to head out to a different location -- Fort Santiago, Intramuros.

The fort's facade greeted us upon arrival.

We were on a photo trip. He was on an emo trip.

The only well exposed shot I had with my Holga.

On our way out, we tried following Rizal's footsteps.

Saying goodbye to our historical past.. for now.

The following day, Monday, I found myself where all this sweet madness began -- Lomomanila's CrapShoot Exhibit. It was the exhibit's closing party. It sure may be a closing of some sort. But not for me. I think this is just the beginning for a ton more of things waiting to happen and to be experienced. :D

We are addicted -- to film.

000007-3 alcohol.

000003-3 blurred silly pictures.

..and to double exposed shots.

Let the booze floooooow!

Wacky faces paraded the night

DSC_0755 guard the lomomanila's lomowall.

"If you can't beat 'em, confuse 'em"

Let's parteeeeeeee!

"OMG. Tapos na?!?!"

"Mommy, ang ingay."

** photo c/o Rollie
*** photo c/o Fifi

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September 18, 2007 at 8:32 PM

Blogger Tenten said...

Grabe Giff!! Ang gaganda ng pictures mo sa Binondo! Parang asa Hong Kong at wala sa Manila. Fabuloso!


September 19, 2007 at 12:13 AM

Blogger gipster said...

awwww.. thanks.. nakakataba naman ng puso comment mo. hehehe.. thank you, thank you!! kulang pa sa praktis.. hehe.. thank you, thank you!!


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