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Sunday, September 9, 2007

(First) 10 Rolls of Holga

After 100 years, I finally got my first 10 rolls of Holga shots developed. I had to bunch them in multiples of 5 so as I could avail of the discount when being developed. Just like what Pam has said, having your films developed is like waiting for your child to be born. Once your child says hello to the world, the no return no exchange policy takes into place. If you thought you did well, then good for you. If not, better luck next time buddy! Hopefully, lessons are learned and applied on the next good opportunity to procreate shoot comes.

I'm no expert in this, nor in photography. I'm still learning in both fields, not to mention, trigger happy ako. :D That being said, these are the best (I think) that I have..

..from my first lomo field trip, Tagaytay:

holga - taal volcanoholga - horseholga - self-portrait

..from a trip to Binondo / Manila / Harbour Square:

chinatown_20070827-1 (11)chinatown_20070827-2 (8)chinatown_20070827-2 (9)

..and from assorted shots taken to finish up the rolls:

20070825_ek-2 (6)000007000005

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