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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Conquering Pinatubo -- Part II

The trek up the crater of the volcano was all but a portion of the fun that I have anticipated. The spectacular view of the crater bunched up with (as Pam wrote it) a comedy cast of trekkers were all but enough to tell oneself that the trek/trip was worth one's while.

Everyone's impulse was to rest when we arrived. But not after a couple of minutes or so, most of us were back on their feet roaming around with their cameras. Everyone just want to get every single opportunity to take a good picture of the volcano's magnificent crater before nightfall. Because by nightfall, everyone know's what's going to happen -- socials.

Mt. Pinatubo's Crater

Mark, Ti Moune & Pumba

The crater before nightfall, taken at ISO 400.

Aside from the socials, I have been looking forward with how and what our dinner would look and taste like. In our pre-climb meeting, our dinner menu was Chicken Teriyaki, Pork Liempo, served with corn and carrot nibblets. No one really brought stuff for this but our guides. San ka pa, guides na cook pa namin! I was pretty adamant that it would taste nothing far from anything that I usually have in the city. Obviously, I am no outdoor person. But to my surprise, minus the um.. presentation, it was one heck of a meal!

dinner time
Dinner is served:
pork liempo (top left),
chicken teriyaki (top right),
corn & carrot nibblets (bottom left)

As soon as everyone got their fill, we cleaned up and let our guides eat their dinner before we all gather around for the second time for socials. Honestly, I don't get it why they call it socials. LOL. The truth is, inuman lang naman ang ginawa namin. But yeah, I'm pretty sure there are other stuff that happen during socials in other groups other than diving and swimming in booze. For one, I have a colleague who holds their socials with um.. group presentations. Kung doon sila masaya, edi sige lang. Basta alam ko, kahit inuman lang ang ginawa namin, masaya ako kami. :D

In the tent, Chrie and me waiting for the
socials to begin.

Michelle (left) seems anxious for the socials to begin.

Ruby and I both had a couple shots of gin.

More shots were passed around.
Look at Fifi's (left) facial expression --
"I am so happy to be here!!"

Ms. Suplada and Felice

Double exposure c/o Rollie.

Alkie's unite and tipsy -- Rollie and me.

Lasing na po kami.

In as much as I would like to put into writing everything that has happened after the last picture above was taken, wala akong magagawa. Everything that happened after that picture were all but a blur and um.. things I'd like to forget. Ruby, Chrie, Fi, ok, all the other trekkers were witness to that. :)

In the morning, when everyone was sober, Mark, Rollie, Zoe, Chill, Ruby, Chill and I decided to pay the cater lake a visit. Well, it wasn't all a visit for both Mark and Rollie. The two dove into the water to a have a good dip in the lake.

The inviting morning extended the lake's
invitation to take a dip.

That's um.. Me, Zoe, Chill, Rollie and Mark.

free but not quite
Boats were free to use. But we didn't get to use 'em.
They were all being held up together by a chain.

first pee in the wild
Chrie celebrating her first pee in the wild.

Soon, we found ourselves on the way back to camp to eat breakfast, pack-up and head down the mountain. Compared to our 4hour trek up, we were quite surprised that we were able to trek down in 2 hours. I think the rain pretty much helped us along the way. Half way through our trek down, drizzles turned into rain. I was listening to my iPod when it started raining. I was forced to secure my iPod in a Ziploc so as to prevent the rain from ruining it. It pretty much continued raining until we were just a couple of minutes away from our pick-up point. Sooner than we I expected, we were on our 4x4's again heading back to town.

All 11 of us who conquered Mt. Pinatubo (minus the guides)
were 20mins away from our pickup point.
Photo c/o Jill Lejano

My shoes swell open on the trek up.
I had to wear sandals on the way down.

I was tired, but I kept on shooting pictures of
those I don't get to see and experience everyday.

Manong driver seemed in a hurry to get us to town.

A late lunch of hot Pork Sinigang at 3pm pretty much made my day. It eased out all the pain I had on my feet. Add to that a clean shower which we had deprived ourselves from the previous day. It was 5pm and I remember it was getting dark when we were all ready to leave.

After a 45minute jeepney ride heading downtown, we found ourselves back to where we started our trip: McDonald's Tarlac. It was just a couple of hours after we had lunch and we were all lining up again at the counter to buy dinner. Not that we didn't like the pork sinigang, it's just that we all just needed some reserves that would be good to last for the rest of the trip home.

Comedy Cast of Mt. Pinatubo @ McDonald's Tarlac for dinner
Photo c/o Jill Lejano

I'm pretty much a newbie with these things -- trekking, camping and all -- but I don't think I have seen the last of me packing my stuff for the outdoors. It's only now that I start to realize that fun doesn't end where civilization does. It would be nice to know how far this "fun" will take me from here.

Last bus ride home beside Ruby

Thank you Jill!

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August 13, 2007 at 1:49 AM

Anonymous Jedd said...

I'm glad you had these sets up. Awesome shots yet again. But hey don't forget to credit the lomo shots to their shooters hehe. By the way, you look great together. Wag lang masyadong defensive sa write-up... obvious tuloy :P


August 13, 2007 at 7:14 AM

Blogger gipster said...

jedd.. salamat! hehehe.. kulang pa ako sa practice. :) HALA.. tsk tsk tsk.. nagcomment nga, nagiwan naman ng chismis. Tsk tsk. BAD! Catch you later! :D


August 16, 2007 at 4:10 PM

Anonymous jiLL said...

Hey giffy!

You're welcome! Til our next climb! Get ready!



August 16, 2007 at 10:07 PM

Blogger gipster said...

awww.. hehe. yay! and promise, next time.. behave na ako. :D LOL


August 17, 2007 at 12:21 AM

Anonymous jiLL said...

Kahit hindi.. wild outdoors nga e! hehe


August 17, 2007 at 8:47 AM

Blogger gipster said...

hahahaha.. fine. fine. i dunno how you do it, pero hindi ko alam how you can get me do these things! :) ** huggs **


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