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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Movie Night: Pirates of the Caribbean III

PiratesOfTheCaribean_AtWorldsEnd_posterIt's pretty late for me to have caught this movie. If not for the free screenings offered by the FIRM (quoted from Mike), I would have not decided to catch the movie. Last Friday was one of the FIRM's latter screenings, and since I would have a couple of people coming with me to watch it, I decided to sign-up.

And since it was pretty late for me to see the movie, I received mixed reviews both from a couple of friends and online sources. CNN's review of the movie is headlined with Even Depp can't save clogged 'Pirates'. MetaCritic rates the movie at 50 out of 100. Jason on the other hand mentioned how the movie's not worth a second round of screening when we (Pam, Chrie and Fifi) were thinking of catching the movie last Tuesday. Pat, my movie buff friend and teammate, has admitted whole heartedly how he got bored of the movie and that he enjoyed Spiderman 3's love angles more than that of what is in the movie. Surprisingly, a teammate of mine mentioned how she liked the movie. In all of the things that she said and tried arguing about, only one thing got stuck in my head "Magaling naman si Johnny Depp."

Uh.. Ok. I think that a good actor wouldn't make a movie good.

But yeah, I'd agree with her, Johnny Depp was damn good but like what CNN said, that wouldn't compensate how my ass fused with the movie theatre's seat covering. For one, the movie was 2.5 hours long and it was one hell of a drag. I'm a little disappointed seeing myself slouching all throughout the movie as it failed in giving good blows in scenes that were meant to be big. Speaking of big, and yeah, I mean BIG. I find it a little funny how Calypso was freed from her human form. A short silly incantation brought this character into a trance where afterwards, she started growing into a 50-foot woman. And after a couple of gibberish shouts, the turned herself into a gazillion crabs. I know Calypso is supposed to be a goddess or something but I would have expected something more.

It wasn't really a waste of time. But yeah, I think it would have been wise to have spent my time on another movie. But what the heck, it was free! :D



June 4, 2007 at 4:44 AM

Anonymous eon said...

the FIRM! ahaha... magamit nga din. ^_^


June 4, 2007 at 9:37 PM

Blogger gipster said...

haha.. nakuha ko lang din yan sa isang blogger from the FIRM. lol. syempre, kopyahin ko na rin. ang gandang pakinggan eh!


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