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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yeah ok, I was just trying to help

Due to some things going on around, I spent some quality time at home with my most neglected part of the household -- the TV. For some obscure reason, even though I don't get to stay in the office that late, I still don't get the time to watch TV. Today broke that as I spent the entire day watching TV instead of spending those hours trying to be productive infront of my workstation in the office. For some reason, that felt good. Nope, really good.

Both my mom and sister were a bit surprised seeing me laying on my back all relaxed watching TV. There's this little shock in their faces. If I didn't know them better, things are definitely running in their heads concerning my presence at home.

Mom came home from work perky and all seeing me sooo early at home. But my sister arrived with grouchiness in her. That's pretty much normal, so I just shrugged it off.

I showed myself to the dining table when I started feeling a throbing headache.I think it was too much TV for me. To my surprise, my mom and sister were in a little errr.. grumpy discussion. Their predicament, the USB drive won't STOP when tried being stopped using the "Safely Remove Hardware" tool of WinXP.

Just like what I expected, my sister bursted out yelling at my mom telling her that she (mom) doesn't understand what's going on. I didn't really mind getting my hands dirty and just minded my own problems -- dinner: which to eat first!

Mom requested that I help out with what was going on. We tried calling out for my sister as I try to ask details about the problem. Just what I expected, my sister kept on yelling. Yeah OK! That was a good way to describe the problem. Hmmp.

I only got bits and pieces of her problem -- the USB won't stop. She (my sister) added that it doesn't open. Which doesn't open, that I don't know. So yeah, mom and I still tried talking to my sister in a calm disposition to determine how to help her. I was proposing quick solutions based on what I have. Still, we asked what she was trying to do. And still, we got yelled on.

She finally slammed her laptop's screen to close and she walked out on us with all but a couple more yells as our souvenir.

Yeah ok. I was just trying to help. Then you'd be walking out on me with all but yells for gratitude. So yeah, I bid you good luck in finishing what you are trying to do.. MOVING ON.



March 19, 2007 at 6:52 PM

Blogger achiemoon said...

baka meron lang siya nung time na yan

*roll eyes*


May 29, 2007 at 8:07 PM

Blogger gipster said...

turel.. i can assure you.. tantrums iyon ng isang 21 year old. lol. ang pangit! hehehe..


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